Friday, September 10, 2010

This Is The End

Well, we were a little more short-lived than expected but the Three Sexketeers are coming to an end. It's too bad, we had a ton of fun, but it wasn't meant to be...

Hope you all have lots of sex on our behalves. Sayonara!


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bitch is Dangerous


Silk, lace, leather and much much more. From a cute nightgown to basic bra and panties – lingerie rocks! I do not have a lot of experience with it, myself. Most of my sexual encounters were unexpected so I didn’t exactly get to dress myself all up nice. I still buy sexy things sometimes though... if I have a little extra cash or something is on sale... it just makes me feel good to know that something so hot is mine! Every now and then I may even take some sexy photos in it.

I think that all of this built up sexy stuff will come in handy one day when I do have an actual boyfriend. Lingerie is good. It makes you feel so confident wearing it (pending that it is the type of lingerie you feel comfortable in...) I think that every woman should own something that makes her feel knock-out sexy. It’s just good fun.

However, it must be noted that you shouldn’t RELY on such things to make you feel good about yourself. You should love yourself no matter what. Sometimes even the simplest most natural things are just as sexy. But let’s not deny it, lingerie is definitely a nice little added bonus. It’s a good way to cheer yourself up after a blah day and it’s a good way to mix things up a little in the bedroom.

I definitely agree with what Disco said about panties. I feel the same way about bras as well. Every now and then it’s a little hot if a guy just tears it all off in a wave of passion, or just lifts up the skirt and goes for it, etc. But personally, I prefer when things go slow. I enjoy the tension, the anticipation, and the rush.

When a guy runs his hand along your ass, feeling your panties, and slowly inches his way closer and closer to truly touching you – I love that. I love when a guy rubs me over my panties, or rubs up against them, or runs his fingers along the inside of the waistband. I also love when a man slowly runs his hand into my bra, feeling my breasts as he kisses me, but not actually removing it or seeing anything.

Panties are the one thing that I am quite picky with. I like to have sexy bras as well but since it is a little difficult to find ones that fit me, I have to take what I can get sometimes. But panties! Panties I could spend a very long time shopping for. I only recently began giving thongs a shot, I have always found that normal yet cheeky panties suit me best. I like funky patterns and bright colours or cute designs and lace rimming the outside. Lots of fun stuff!

Maybe I invest a little bit too much into panties and such, but it’s the one thing that not just everybody gets to see. It’s, like, that little hidden cuteness that you save just for sexy folks.

As for my sexy nighties, I have only ever worn one for a guy once. In fact, it was the man in which I discussed last blog post. When we had sex we both knewwww it was happening that day, so I thought I’d be adventurous with it... So when he showed up I answered the door in a little black nighty that made my boobs look great and high heels. I, personally, thought that it was a good idea. He seemed to like it too.

My roomie, on the other hand, disagreed. When things between him and I didn’t work out she told me that no guy would take a girl who would do something like that seriously, and that I probably just came off as cheap. I don’t know... to each their own opinion but I don’t see anything wrong with lookin’ good for a boy you have been seeing for awhile already.

Sexy things rock. As long as they’re not the only way that you can feel sexy, and as long as you don’t spend ALL of your money on it, I see absolutely nothing wrong with them. We all wanna look hawt!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

How Sick!

by Disco

Monday night, Liam promised to come over and hang out with me. I waited. I waited. I waited. And I never heard from him. So, in a frenzied state of anger and horniness I got in touch with Hugh, who had texted me a few nights before - the first time I heard from him since that last fuck together. I'd sorted out my feelings towards him (none except the urge to use him as my personal dildo boy) and so I hopped in a cab and went to his place.

He sucked me, he fucked me, he fingered me, he did it all - I came four times. Then I went down on him, intending to suck him off until he came - we went at it for an hour or more and he hadn't come yet. And there I was, bopping and sucking for nearly twenty minutes when my lip was numb, my jaw was aching and suddenly I was just nauseous. A few minutes later, he laughed at something - something unrelated in it head - but I took it the wrong way and combined with the nausea, I asked to go home. He walked me home, but I'm pretty sure he's never going to speak to me again, my just ditching him midblowjob and never letting him come even though I came four times...

I honestly felt really bad about it.

I went to this place across the street to get something to eat, and standing in line I suddenly got incredibly light-headed. My hearing went down by half, I felt like I would pass out... A couple days later, at the doctor's office, I was diagnosed with a sinus infection. I feel really bad about the whole ordeal, I wish I could have finished him off... Haven't heard from him since and don't expect to :P Found out later that night, Liam had just gone to the pub with his buds.

I spent the rest of the week sick as a dog, didn't go anywhere, but was looking forward to my date with Liam for last night. Thursday he promised to come over again, but canceled - citing dizziness. That was fine. Friday night, he allegedly passed out and had to be taken to the hospital - with low blood pressure, that was fine. Except. He never officially canceled the Saturday date - he told me these things were going on - said he hoped he'd still be able to make it but whenever the time was he realised he couldn't, I didn't hear one word from him. I don't hear from him all of Saturday until late Saturday night when he lets me in on that his friends took him out for a couple drinks since he was feeling a bit better. That was just a slap in the face. At like midnight, he asked if we could have a drink or maybe I could come over and watch a movie with him afterall. I told him maybe another time. I'm not just going to be on his time, waiting for him to come hang out with me and just being pathetic enough to let it slide when he ditches me to go for drinks. So I am backing way off of that one, if he wants it he can come get it. I guess he wasn't as thoughtful as we were all hoping...

But! Saturday night an interesting thing happened. Jack, the ex, came online and I told him to call me. And he did. We talked on the phone together for three hours... It was the first time I'd spoken to him on the phone since the last time we had phone sex, way back in June. It was amazing. It was great to hear his voice - to hear the tone of how he was saying things, it avoided a lot of gnarly confusion. I got to hear his laugh, I got to really talk to him. He told me that he does still like me, that he misses me, that he thinks about me... We made plans about things we want to try when we're back together. I have never, ever felt as secure about the one-year agreement as I am now. Before it seemed like a ridiculous hope. Now it seems like it's going to happen...

We talked about how I wanted to try having candies - like chocolate covered almonds - slid into my pussy, and he would have to pull them out with his tongue and eat them. We talked about how he wanted me to wear a pair of little white panties , how he wants to try sex with someone watching, how I want to have sex in a restroom of a restaurant and a party, how we both want to have sex outdoors. We talked about the things we used to do that turned us on, we talked about what we would do to each other right now if we could. He came once. I came twice.

In light of this conversation, knowing how much I do love him, and believing that the one year agreement seems like a pretty solid shot at this point (OMG YAY ^.^) I think I'd like to take the rest of the year to just explore myself, like I had set out to do in the beginning. I don't want to have a relationship with anybody. I don't know if I would stop it if it started happening, but I want to take this year and try all the things I want to try with whoever I want to try them with. I want to go with the flow. And mostly, I want to focus on myself.

Sunday Starts

by Disco

We're going to change the blog so that the first blog post of the week is on Sunday (which is really the first day of the week, anyway.) This week's topic is lingerie!

Oh, lingerie, lingerie, how I love thee... Now. I think there is a small difference between what lingerie makes me feel sexy and what lingerie makes a man pop a big one. In my experience, men like to see their lady in a pair of undies and a t-shirt - this is sexy enough.

But what do I think is sexy? The sexiest thing in the world, to me, is a garter belt and stockings. Stockings with a seam right up the back, even if they're nude coloured stockings. I don't own stockings and a garter belt, I should but I've been too self-conscious to wear them. It's a thing it seems only girls with great thighs should do.... But maybe I'm wrong.

Another thing I love is a long, floor-length, silk nighty that flows around your legs when they're freshly shaven - and I love wearing this with nothing underneath. That is also sexy to me.

Finally, heels. Heels with the silk nightie, heels with the stockings, heels with a corset or a demi-cup bra (both things I love,) or heels just by their lonesome. Just you. In heels. Not really lingerie, but... Oh, well.

The thing I love most about lingerie is the power it gives you, the confidence it gives you. If you are wearing a nice, matching black lace bra and panty set underneath whatever you are wearing, it doesn't matter at all, you will feel empowered. You will feel special. You will feel sexy, and good about yourself. It's magic.

Men's lingerie? I'm not so sure on it. I like my men in boxer-briefs. Boxers are too juvenile, briefs are too small. Boxer-briefs do it for me. I haven't really experimented much with men's thongs or so on... Don't really know if I would be turned on by it. I might be turned on by a guy comfortable enough to do it for me... But then I would have a laugh and pull those suckers right off.

Now, I also have come to believe that panties. Should be worshipped. This is weird, I know, but you see Jack had a panty fetish. Well, still does. He loves nothing more than panties - all panties, everything from regular cotton briefs to pearl thongs. He loves lace, colour, cuts, all of it. He loves it all. He loved them so much, if we started making out he would always ask to see what pair I was wearing that day - it just got him going bad. I didn't own any thongs when we were dating, and one day he gave me money and took me to the store and told me to pick out five thongs for myself. He loved them. And he would worship them - in the process of undressing, the underwear never. Ever. came off with the pants or leggings or whatever else. The underwear was always left on, the waistband was snapped, the pussy was played with through them. The underwear was a crucial step - and often, it never came off, he would slide it aside and fuck me with them on.

There's something that makes you feel sexy and special when somebody pays attention to your panties like that... I don't know what it is. I guess it's because I pick out my underwear for someone if I think they're going to be seeing them. Before Jack, if they just pulled them off and chucked them to the side, I wouldn't care. Since Jack, I miss it. I want someone to worship my panties. When a man pulls my thong off right with my pants, I feel like it's a waste - something didn't go properly. I feel disappointed. I want to show off. I want my effort to be appreciated. I want to tease you.

If a guy doesn't have a panty fetish, I wonder 'What is wrong with him?'

I have been opened to the power and the beauty and the sexuality of lingerie. Just talking about it makes me wet, really. Wearing it drives me nuts. And I want my wearing it to drive its audience nuts, as well!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wait for it.....ohhhh yeah!

By Glitterbella

Ok, Friday Should NOT be my posting day. To hectic!-Glitter

So. The waiting game. It can be a TON of fun, but at the same time, waaay more stress then it's worth. Currently, I'm playing it. I've played it before, but never for this long (and with this good of a reason!) But am I really playing it? I'm sort of confused. I am currently refusing to sleep with a guy I like. Yay me! But mostly because of the formerly mentioned STD. And drama. Lots of fucking drama, so I'm trying to keep my distance, don't want to get to close in case everything goes to hell in a hand-basket. So does that really fall under the waiting to make it better category? I know it will make it better/hotter/sexier/whatever but, really it's not it.

Last time (ok, only time) I waited with a new guy, it wasn't really worth it. But I think that was mostly because he was a virgin and didn't have the experience to compare to past lovers.

Waiting doesn't just have to be with a new guy, however. Waiting (short time periods) like a couple of hours or spending a weekend apart can do excellent things for your sex life, particularly if you're living together. A former partner and I had this thing about saying No, just to drive the other crazy. Yeah, unhealthy as hell, but it worked, for us anyways, because the other partner would continue to "convince" whomever was saying no to give in, giving the person saying no the feeling of both control, and the satisfaction that the begging partner wanted them so badly they were willing to beg. Sort of off topic, but same kinda thing, I think.

Anyway, Real life update : Drama.

I've definitely backed away from the guy I like (See above, Re: Fucking Drama!) But we still talk, and something may eventually come of it, I don't really know at this point, so I'm just going to chill out and have fun for the rest of the summer!

Last night was a wonderful example of this, got sloshed with great friends, and went to the bar, had a blast dancing my ass off, made out with SEVEN people (5 boys and 2 girls), brought home two strangers (no worries, lots of friends came home as well) and ended up fooling around with one of them, in my backyard. Which by the way, is shared with a church. Smexy.

Waiting For My Time To Come

by Disco

The waiting game. How do I feel about the waiting game. Well, obviously, as I've said before I believe that the waiting game can work if implemented by a woman with a guy you actually like. Now, let me explain why this is both cool and not cool.

Say you're on a date with a guy, early on in your time together, and you realise that you get along with them but you just don't see yourself really dating them, and actually getting involved with them. That's when you can hike up your skirt and get to playing early, because if he bails on you, it's no big thing, and if he's good in bed, you didn't miss out.

Now, say you're on a date with a guy, early on, and you realise you could see yourself getting involved with them, and really liking them - and maybe one day loving them. You really want to see where things could go. Then, keep your panties on honey. In my opinion, them goods best be kept in the cupboard. You have to keep him wanting more. In my experience, if you keep them wanting more for a while you are more likely to get them in the end. And I think they do enjoy that chase. Plus it gives you a little time to really cultivate a connection that isn't based purely in penis-vagina bonding. You have time to bail out before you start getting your sexual feelings confused with your more substantial feelings. And the tension just builds until finally that one night, every little touch is something you've been yearning for...

Oh, goodness, just had a little moment.

OK, thinking cap back on. Now! What's not cool about this is that this is really only works in a female-to-male scenario, when in the context of a heterosexual relationship. If your man isn't trying desperately to get in your pants, I think that is a pretty universal sign that he's not all that into you. Sure, he can be respectful - and that's much appreciated. But it's much appreciated after he tries a little bit, you say no, and he backs off. Then you've got a good one, and you know he wants you. The man should be in pursuit. This is awful and reveals me to be such a traditionalist, but I do believe the man enjoys pursuing and the woman should let him enjoy the chase. That being said, I do think the woman ultimately has control and is really the one doing the pursuing, when it comes down to it - you flirty little minxes, you.

Now! Outside of the context of a heterosexual relationship, I can't really speak. I would be interested to learn the rules of the waiting game in different cultures and men who actually enjoy being pursued as opposed to pursuing and all kinds of you rule-breakers out there. I just know that this is a formula that has been out there for thousands and thousands of years and there must be a damned good reason why it hasn't gone away. I know many, many couples who started out with the woman putting a stop-hold on sex until later and they are very happy now. One couple, the man even said he's not sure he would've stuck around if his girlfriend had slept with him early on. She made him wait three months.

So, I am using this technique right now. Liam, the Irish electrician from the other post, has come to see me twice more since our delicious night of making out that to this day makes my stomach flop. He saw me for drinks on Wednesday, and then Friday night he came over for an unplanned night of - well, it was supposed to be cards but he didn't bring them. I told myself I would let him go further than last time, but not much further. In the end, he got quite I bit further.

Our makeout session started out pretty PG until the sucker unhooked my bra in one swift move with one hand. It was so quick and light, for a second I thought my bra had just broken! We made out against the bed, he rolled me over on top of him on the floor, he pulled over on top of me - he followed my every movement and I tried to follow his and it was just this cohesive dance across the entire span of the room, he didn't fight me on anything. We were both topless, and he tried to get down my pants with his hand but I wasn't letting him, until I finally gave in and let him dive in - over the panties, of course.

He moved me around, stood me up, pulled me over onto his lap on the bed. He moved my hips against his, he rolled me over onto my back - it was two hours of incredible, passionate fun and I got so into it, at some point I let him finger me... he was so deep it almost hurt but felt so good... I stopped him before I came. I didn't want to go that far yet.

He cuddled me for a good half hour after that, stuck around as long as he could before he had to go - even longer, actually, after a half hour he tried to leave but I asked for five more minutes and he gave me twenty. On his way out, I gave him a nice hot kiss to send him away with. He let go of the door he was holding open, pushed me back against the wall, pinned my arms down and made me so wet. I would have let him do anything to me he wanted right then, so I was glad he left.

The waiting game seems to be working for me, he's been sticking around and seems to like me quite a bit. He let me know that was probably the most intense session he's ever had where clothes stayed in tact - I told him to wait until they came off. Let me tell you, it is taking a ton of willpower not to just mount this man and ride him all night but I have got to keep it cool, keep it light, keep him wanting more. In the meantime, it's kind of a lot of fun. I feel like a fourteen year old girl, and it's really a good time... Let's hope it keeps getting better from here.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lets Play a Wait Game, Wait Game


Waiting. Oh, what an debate this can be. I do not have a lot of personal experience in this debate. Right from the time that I began having sex, it kind of just happened. There were no games or holding out or hoping for the perfect moment... it just plain happened. I honestly have limited relationship experience, so this was never a huge concern for me.

The only time that I truly faced this issue, was last summer. I was stuck back home for four months, much like this summer. There weren’t too many folks around to do anything with, the only person that I hung out with on a regular basis just constantly dragged me around with her so that she would have an escort to meet random guys from the internet. Note: She had a boyfriend at the time; she was 16 and he was in his late 20’s. (Whole other topic!)

One night, she drove us all the way to a near-by city. It turned out to be an utter fail, THEN she decided to meet just oneeeeee last guy. This boy did not seem much into the idea, he had a friend with him and they were just hanging out, coming down from a night of drinking. But, she was pretty insistent.

The whole thing almost never happened because she had to stop by my house first to talk to her boyfriend online *sigh* But we made it to the meeting area justttt in time. We all stood around and it was ridiculously awkward. She did not say a single thing to them the entire time! And the dude she was meeting was so drunk or high or just... something... that he couldn’t make decent conversation either. So it was his friend and I that had to break the ice and try to silence the crickets.

We actually got along quite well, and he asked me for my phone number. I didn’t expect anything to come out of it, I didn’t want to date anybody in this city, especially with only just over a month left before back to school. I assumed that nothing would come of it anyways, but I did think he was very cute.

But boy, we shall call him Adam, DID talk to me again. And he did ask me to hang out. We hung out a lot, actually. There was an undeniable connection. We would text message a lot – he made me feel very special. It’s all a little difficult to explain and honestly, when I look back on how crushy and gitty and scared I was, it still hurts a little.

This is where I was faced with my decision. I enjoyed hanging out with this dude, a lot, and there was a clear sexual attraction. He would kiss me goodbye and hold my hand while he drove, gushy stuff like that. So clearly, this was not one of my random sexual encounters that just happens. I liked him.

I came to the decision to not sleep with him. At least, not in the near future. I was afraid of the strong emotions that that may produce. He knew that I did not want to sleep with him, eventually the topic came up. But we continued to go out together, and it was all quite lovely.

At the end of the month we spent together, shortly before I had to leave, I gave in, and we did have sex. We both sort of saw it coming... the date before this, we were at a park near the water, on a picnic table, and it allllllmost happened. I flat out told him that I changed my mind. The only thing that stopped us is that he had absolutely no idea that it would happen so he was not protection prepared. A few days after this, my mom was out of town for the day so I invited him over. So yeah, both knew it was going to happen, haha. It was definitely fun.

In complete honesty, I still miss him sometimes. Things clearly did not work out after I left for school, that is a long story that even I do not really know the true answer to. Sometimes I still contemplate whether or not he truly even liked me, but I think that he did. There are lots of reasons why it just didn’t work out well...

I am curious whether or not waiting was beneficial to the situation. Maybe I should have not given in and slept with him at all. Or maybe I should have just done so right off the bat. One thing that I do know is that waiting definitely made the emotions even stronger for me when it did finally happen. So I suppose that if you want somebody to truly like you for you, waiting does help. It gives time for many connections, other than just sexual, to grow. More permanent connections. However, this is also done at a risk... you have to be aware that if you wait, and truly fall for that person, then after the sex, things do not work out, it is going to hurt a LOT.

My opinion on this will most likely vary with future experiences. As for the next boy I met and truly like, I think that I will try to wait at least awhile. A lot of it is circumstantial. The interaction that you had prior to any sexual or romantic interaction, your feelings, your attraction level, what you are emotionally looking for at the time; all of this plays an important part.

I don’t think that anybody should be told to “hold out” or to “just do it”... it is completely up to you. A lot of the time, you may make the wrong decisions. But that is all part of the experience, right? It took me awhile to get over this dumbass boy who I only dated for a month, and was not ever even my official boyfriend! But I do think that I learned some lessons from the situation, that is for sure. And who knows, maybe our paths will once again cross. I mean, who would be able to get enough of me?!